Take the Cutting Edge with DSSI

DSSI is a full-service document management solutions provider that equips clients with a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for data organization. This includes handling volumes of archived records as well as incoming documents and data.

Document management is the art of blending paper and electronic files into an easily accessible and useful electronic database.

Founded in 1996, DSSI brings a host of document management services to the business, legal, and government communities. Our highly trained, dedicated staff includes certified document imaging architects skilled in analyzing your requirements.

They can determine your best solution, then implement and maintain the system. DSSI is committed to providing the highest quality service to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Problem

Handling paper is slow, expensive, and inefficient.

  • 90% of corporate documentation is currently on paper.
  • A typical executive wastes up to three hours per week searching for files - while the clerical staff spends another five hours looking for the same information.
  • Each document is copied an estimated 19 times.
  • 7.5% of all documents are lost, 3% of the remaining ones are misfiled.
  • The labor cost to file a document is $20, finding a misfiled document is $120, and reproducing a lost document is $200 to $250.
  • Annual maintenance costs per four-drawer filing cabinet range between $1,500 and $4,000. This includes employee hours required to maintain paper files.
  • Each filing cabinet consumers 10 square feet of office space.

The Solution

Create a document management system.

Reduce Expenses - Eliminate the cost of copying, distributing, and overnighting documents. Print, fax, or e-mail documents from image. Share files electronically over your network, through the Web, or on CD.

Fast Retrieval - Find documents quickly, without leaving your desk.

Full Text Search - Retrieve documents by using any word or phrase on the document.

Space - Free up needed office space currently occupied by paper.

Minimizing Storage Costs - Eliminate long- term paper or microfilm storage.

Security - Control your security at the folder, document, or page level.

Stability - Make misfiled documents a thing of the past.

Disaster Recovery - Use a cost-effective, easy method of off-site storage and recovery. Far less vulnerable to fire, flood, or theft than paper.

DSSI Offers a Full Range of Options in Creating an EDMS for Your Company

  • Complete, in-house EDMS that will handle newly generated and received documents, faxes, and e-mails.
  • Our service bureau provides backfile conversion services.
  • We offer the hardware, software, installation, and training. Your system can be network based, Web based, or feature stand-alone workstations, all with the security that you require.

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